IP and IT implications of a Brexit vote

Last week I attended an event at the University of Sussex (organised by Charles Meredith and other students) discussing the potential legal implications of Brexit, and I was tasked with looking at some of the aspects that may affect Intellectual Property and Information Technology. Here are a few of my notes regarding the potential implications …read in detail

Could European cookie law be a threat to cybersecurity?

The history of Internet Law is littered with bad legislation and legislative proposals. From the infamous SOPA and PIPA, to the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill, there is no shortage of badly-conceived legislation dealing with the Internet. Sometimes the bad law is the result of powerful lobbying, sometimes it is caused by ignorance of the technology, …read in detail

California judge reaches decision in PETA’s monkey selfie case

A judge in California has dismissed a copyright case brought by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), where the animal rights organisation claimed that it represented the monkey that took the famous selfie depicted above. The case is that of Naruto v Slater, where PETA sued British photographer David Slater for copyright infringement, …read in detail